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Biodynamic Agricultural Association of Southern Africa (BDAASA)

PO Box 6196
Western Cape
South Africa

Tel: 021 881 3628
Cellphone: 082 858 6523
Contact: Liesl Haasbroek - National Coordinator

The aim of the BDAASA (the Biodynamic Agricultural Association of Southern Africa) is to strengthen, promote and advance the practice of biodynamic agriculture in southern Africa. In order to do this, the Biodynamic Association has recently formulated this set of objectives:

  • To establish an effective resource centre that can support the development of biodynamic farmers, farms and farming practice
  • To coordinate efforts of and cultivate co-operation amongst biodynamic farmers and the community
  • To encourage opportunities for meeting, sharing, learning and training, both locally and internationally
  • To represent and protect the interests of biodynamic agriculture and farmers
  • To enable members and others to connect to and serve the spiritual impulse behind Biodynamic Agriculture.

Membership of the Biodynamic Association is voluntary and open to anyone who wants to be part of and/or support the aim and objectives of the association. Membership options are: R380 single or family; R530 for Group & Commercial membership; and R100 friend membership. Members of the Biodynamic Association receive a free newsletter and become part of the network of biodynamic farmers and supporters. Members also enjoy preference in the supply of biodynamic preparations.