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New Earth Architecture

Logo 43999
Western Cape
South Africa


Tel: 021 780 1566
Cellphone: 082 533 3177
Fax: 086 515 5708
Contact: Sandy Adams ~ Partner

Through green design we aspire to support conscious lifestyles which respect the earth and all her inhabitants. We design for the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and the planet. Each challenge is considered holistically, to achieve globally, locally and personally appropriate design solutions for twenty first century living. Design for sustainable living using the principles of green design aims to:


  • maximise natural lighting and ventilation in buildings
  • minimise the need for artificial heating and cooling by using the principles of passive and low energy design to create thermally comfortable spaces
  • design for energy efficiency
  • use natural, non-toxic and locally available materials
  • support local economies and use labour intensive construction technologies where appropriate
  • incorporate the ‘cradle to cradle’ design philosophy, for resource efficiency
  • incorporate renewable energy technologies
  • incorporate water harvesting/recycling/conserving systems
  • minimise the daily life cycle demands of buildings through creative design solutions
  • consider local climate, geology, flora and fauna in design and siting of buildings
  • design loving living spaces which encourage connection with mother earth and conscious living