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PO Box 114
South Africa

Tel: 011 465 0022
Cellphone: 082 414 5394
Fax: 086 636 2783
Contact: Werner Fischer

Flexopower offers Portable Solar Energy Solutions.

Experience Portable Solar Energy: when conventional power sources are not available and mobility is imperative.

Portable Solar Energy makes sense for Engineers, Geologists, Travellers, Hikers, Adventurers, Hunters, Campers, Mountain Bikers, Runners, Boat Owners, Mining Companies, System Integrators, Police, Army, Disaster Relief Organizations . . . every time power is needed while being mobile.

Portable Solar Energy is made possible through Thin Film Technology. The Solar Panels are glass free, durable and flexible. They come as foldable SolarBlankets or integrated in Solar Tents. DC electricity generated in the solar panels is stored in batteries from where it is taken to deliver either 220V AC or 12V/24V/36V/48V DC. Sophisticated electronics manage the entire process.

Portable Solar Solutions cover the entire range from very small to industrial size: from mobile phone, to satellite phone, to lap top, to banks of deep cycle batteries.

The quality control for many of our products follows the highest standards and protocols in the solar industry: Underwriter Laboratories (U.L.), Military US Army (MIL), International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), RoHS and CE registered.

When conventional power sources are not available and mobility is imperative, you should talk to us, the specialists for Portable Solar Energy Solutions.