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Keystone Habitat

Unit 4
Northgate Estate
Platinum Street
Cape Town
South Africa

Tel: 021 510 6825
Cellphone: 072 041 9888
Fax: 021 510 6485
Contact: Verina Cupido ~ Marketing Manager

Keystone Habitat, is the sole distributor of Style Strand woven bamboo products. Style flooring, decking and panels have been acclaimed internationally as a truly Green product by the Australian Good Environmental Choice Mark.

Style Life the greener way

Strand woven bamboo is a versatile and high-quality sustainable material that is available in a range of uses that include flooring, decking, furniture board, and wall and ceiling cladding. This luxurious and environmentally sustainable product is set to become the architectural and interior design material of choice for design professionals who are becoming ever more conscious of their role in advising their clients on sustainable lifestyle choices. The strength, durability, versatility and warmth of strand woven bamboo opens many new doors in luxurious and environmentally sustainable living. Style Limited, the worldwide patent holder on strand woven bamboo, provides a solid strand woven bamboo floor with both the 45° click system and tongue and groove options available. Style has also added five new colours to their range.

Bamboo is fast becoming a major sustainable timber alternative due to its strength, durability and rich warmth. Style Limited is a specialist in bamboo, renowned for their patented strand woven bamboo where the manufacturing process creates a very strong and durable product that is also water and scratch resistant. With a tensile strength greater than cold-rolled steel, strand woven bamboo is 100% harder and 50% more stable than red oak, making it a perfect choice for interior and exterior uses. Style bamboo is a premium environmentally sustainable choice, as verified by Australian Environmental Choice and the US LEED® Programme.

Contact Keystone Habitat for technical specifications for strand woven bamboo that is extremely popular for commercial and domestic installations due to its strength, durability, ease of installation and environmental sustainability.

Additional Contacts:

Barry Doveston ~ Managing Director