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Green Earth Consulting Services


Ground Floor
Nomad House
38 Chilwan Crescent
Helderberg Business Park
South Africa

Tel: 021 845 4027
Cellphone: 084 335 5778
Fax: 021 845 4357
Contact: Gray Maguire ~ General Manager

Green Earth Consulting is a Cape Town based environmental management consultancy specialising in energy, water and waste efficiency. The company offers a wide range of services and products designed to improve the environmental footprint of its clients, and strives to ensure maximum financial returns on environmental investments.

Our core area of business lies in the retro-fitting of commercial and hospitality buildings, but extends to new building system design, legislative compliancy, in-house training and environmental accreditation.

The company's dedicated team of consultants bring a broad spectrum of expertise into creating comprehensive product and service packages that address complex, multiple needs with quantifiable results.