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Life in Balance


The Creative Suites
210 on Long Street
Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa

Cellphone: 082 573 3035
Contact: Michael Beatham ~ Managing Director

Life in Balance recognises the need for a new trend in communication and a product offering real value that bridges the gap and allows a creative meeting between those who have already embraced a sustainable, green lifestyle and those considering it, but require information to suit their social, cultural and economic needs. More and more mainstream consumers, too, recognise the need for lifestyles beneficial to themselves and the environment, realising that these are interdependent.

Modern lifestyles demand solutions that are neither time-consuming nor burdensome and the overwhelming amount of information available is often overly wordy or too technical.

The monthly newspaper is the only publication offering concise, reader-friendly content across a broad spectrum of topics - design, travel and tourism, innovations, global and local news, reviews, the arts, food and wine, home and garden, architecture, health and wellbeing, recycling and more - to assist various demographic groups in adopting an environmentally aware lifestyle within their needs and means. It shows, too, how the smallest changes can make a big difference, offering easy-to-implement tips and guidance.

This free, full-colour publication presents information in a fresh, exciting format in full colour. It is available from selected retails stores, delis, health stores and farmers markets in the main centres, or via free postal subscription.

Published on uncoated wood-free paper, it is FSC accredited and compliant with all environmental criteria.

Various projects, with established, trusted organisations such as WWF, are in development, with the first - an annual eco-diary - due for launch in December 2008, and available on order. The diary includes resources guides covering most of the harmonious, sustainable living categories, monthly calls-to-action offering simple ideas for making changes, easy daily tips and reminders as well as the standard information such school and public holidays, national and international days of awareness, a lunar calendar and more.

Additional Contacts:

Melissa Baird ~ Editorial Director

Michael Beatham ~ Managing Director