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BirdLife South Africa


PO Box 515
South Africa

Tel: 011 789 1122
Fax: 011 789 5188
Contact: Mark D. Anderson ~ Chief Executive Officer

BirdLife South Africa conserves our country's birds. We focus on threatened (Red Data) species and Important Bird Areas.

South Africa has a spectacular diversity of birds, representing about 8% of the world's bird species. Of the 845 bird species in South Africa, 74 are endemic or near endemic to South Africa, i.e. they do not occur naturally anywhere else in the world.

Sadly, 125 (or about 15%) species are threatened with extinction due to the rapid spread of agriculture, urbanization, mining, industrial fishing, pollution and a host of other human-induced factors.

South Africa has 120 Important Bird Areas (IBAs), which are critical to the survival of the species found there, such as an area which supports endemic birds or a Cape Vulture breeding colony.

BirdLife South Africa is actively involved in many conservation and education projects, working with people, from primary school pupils to national government ministers. We host regular events for bird-watchers and interact with local, provincial and national government on a number of issues, from conservation planning to climate change adaptation.

BirdLife South Africa is a registered Non-Profit Organization, a Public-Benefit Organization, and the only dedicated bird conservation NGO in South Africa. We are part of the international BirdLife partnership, with more than 117 country members and over ten million supporters. In South Africa, we are a membership-based organization with over 6000 members in some 32 clubs across the country. Increased interest in birds and concern for their status is growing BirdLife South Africa’s membership. Members receive six issues a year of our magazine, African Birdlife, our monthly e-newsletter, and more.

There are many ways in which you can support BirdLife South Africa if you share our concern about the precarious status of our birds: become a member, sign up your business as a Corporate Member, sponsor a project, or include BirdLife South Africa in your will and leave a living legacy.