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CX Pallets

Greenhills Industrial Estate
Sam Green Rd.

Tel: 011 822 8656
Cellphone: 084 202 2007
Fax: 086 618 0766
Contact: Jan Vreken

Manufacturers of heavy-duty cardboard pallets and pallet-box combinations. We have a wide spectrum of stock-size pallets available but we also manufacture custom sizes. Load capacity varies: from lightweight to HEAVY loads (in excess of 2.5 TONS).

Save on emissions tax due to decrease in total freight weight.
Reduce your carbon footprint.
Our pallets are fully recyclable at the receiving end. No fumigation is needed for exports as our pallets contain NO WOOD.
Fully compliant with ISPM 15.

Call us for a free sample and put them to the test. You'll be surprised at how much weight they can carry!