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Natural Balance Global (Pty) Ltd - Wonderbag


9 Walter Reid Road, Tongaat Industrial Park, 4400

Tel: 031 536 8220

Natural Balance manufactures, markets and distributes the Wonderbag, a heat-retention cooker that requires only enough heat to start the cooking process. Because of its insulating properties, the bag retains the heat and completes the cooking process with no further energy (electricity, gas, coal, paraffin) needed. With regular use, households can save up to 50% of the energy used for cooking. This results in considerable cash savings, especially in low-income areas.  Less energy results in reduced carbon emissions. With regular use, one Wonderbag can prevent ± 500kg of carbon per year. Due to its potential to mitigate the effects of climate change, the Wonderbag project is being registered by the UNFCCC as a programmatic CDM project. In the near future, verified carbon offsets will be traded on the international market for every bag sold. The Wonderbags are manufactured by previously unemployed people under the auspices of the NGO Youth for Survival.

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