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Versus Paint Specialists


P O Box 8285
Halfway House
South Africa

Tel: (011) 885-3136
Cellphone: 083-676-4737
Fax: (011) 885-1719
Contact: Shannon ~ Marketing Manager

Versus Paint Specialists are manufacturers and applicators of exclusive wall coatings.

The ethos behind the company was to provide the industry with exclusive materials, expertise and exceptional service in the painting and wall coating industry.

Versus employs over 180 Staff and are committed to the empowerment of the previously disadvantaged. In saying this Versus Paint Specialists are independently BEE Rated and 100% BEE compliant.

How are Versus Products environmentally friendly?

VOC's less than 16 grams/litre

Contain - non toxic pigments

Products are water based

Use Minimal Biocide content

Impressive features of our coatings include:

  • Coatings are manufactured in South Africa from local materials.
  • Available in any colour of your choice.
  • Can be applied to any surface.
  • Allows walls to breathe.
  • Retains elasticity.
  • Able to withstand ageing, pollution, extreme temperature variations.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Washable with house hold detergents.
  • Ultra-violet resistant.