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The Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre - DE WILDT


P O Box 1756

Tel: 012 504 9906/7/8 & 083 892 0515
Cellphone: 083 675 5668
Fax: 086 575 1479
Contact: Ken Jones ~ General Manager

The Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre is situated in the vicinity of the Hartbeespoort dam, merely an hours' drive from Johannesburg and forty five minutes from Pretoria. Founded in 1971 the Centre has over the years achieved major successes and breakthroughs in the breeding and conservation of the cheetah, African wild dog and various other rare and endangered species.

Home to a variety of animal species, visitors have the opportunity to see cheetah, African wild dog, caracal, African wild cat, brown hyena, vultures and various antelope species. Led by a knowledgeable guide guests are taken on an informative tour in an open game drive vehicle. There is also an opportunity to watch a high speed cheetah run as we exercise some of our animals on certain mornings of the week.

The future of this charismatic cat hangs in the balance and the mission of the Centre is to 'ensure the long term survival of the cheetah, African wild dog and other wild animals in general' and this is done through breeding, research and various conservation projects.

There are a variety of activities which include; a cheetah run and guided tour, family tours, private tours and fully exclusive tours.

For more information please contact us on (012) 504 9906/7/8 or visit our website at

Additional Contacts:

Petro van Eeden:
012 504 9906/7/8
083 892 0515