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Brousse-James & Associates

PO Box 1304
South Africa

Tel: 033 330 4984
Cellphone: 082 895 4089
Fax: 033 330 4984
Contact: Barry James – Director

Ecological & Environmental Services

We are a consultancy that specialises in wildlife management and our associates include some of the most experienced wildlife scientists and ecologists in Southern Africa.

Our services include:

  •  Game ranch management plans, wildlife management, game counts and ongoing ecological advice.
  • Biological monitoring, biodiversity assessments and ecological research.
  • Ecotourism planning.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments.
  • Environmental Management Plans
  • Rehabilitation/revegetation planning and implementation.
  • Planning for sustainable utilisation of natural resources.
  • Sustainability Plans and Integrated Reporting.
  • Environmental training, field guide training.
  • Environmental journalism, writing and editing of reports, brochures, information booklets and training manuals