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Eco Punk Kids Clothing


6 Harrier Close
Imhoffs Gift
Western Cape
South Africa

Tel: 021 783 4123
Contact: Anke

Eco Punk is a new, fresh, fun and funky kids clothing range for kids who love to explore, dream, Imagine and play! The clothing is easy to wear and can be mixed and matched across the entire range! All cloth is 100% natural with no polyester blends and nylons. All printing and embroidery is done in Cape Town and we support small home businesses that offer cutting and sewing services. All purchases get put into paper bags or our new fabric bag, that is made from offcut fabrics. Instead of purchasing our hangers from big suppliers, we have wire hangers made by a friend who also sells fruit at the traffic lights and is happy to earn an extra income! We want people to recognise Eco Punk as a wholesome Brand!