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Unit 315
The Studios
Old Castle Brewery building
Western Cape
South Africa

Tel: 082 785 4573
Contact: Nicki Becker

Suppliers of PaperFoam - an environmentally friendly packaging material derived from renewable resources (starch, cellulose and water). CD, DVD and Blu Ray trays have been developed to have a similar look-and-feel to the conventional Jewel cases, while significantly contributing to lower carbon emissions and about 90% less CO2 than the commonly used plastic equivalents. They are composed 100% of recycled and recyclable materials, with the tray being 100% biodegradable which can be recycled as paper or composted to biodegrade. PaperFoam is acknowledged as the first successful environmentally friendly alternative to plastic - perfect for the tailor-made packaging requirements - and very unique is the wide range of colours from which to choose...