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Bergplaas Nature Reserve


P O Box 693
Graaff Reinet
South Africa

Tel: 049 841 1367
Fax: 049 841 1367
Contact: Cindy Maspero ~ Admin Manager

Spirit of the Wild programme

Training of field guides and those working in Nature – a three week course to encourage guides to adopt new ways of experiencing and interpreting Nature.

Meeting the Spirit of Nature – annual retreat.

Experience the interconnectedness of all Life and to connect with your own inner nature. So much stillness, silence and space to Be.

Bergplaas Wilderness Trail

5 days in the silent wilderness of Bergplaas Nature Reserve offers you the freedom to revaluate your life and your work structures and patterns. Simplicity and Nature guiding you to what really matters.

Volunteer programme

A chance to experience life on a Nature reserve incorporating work and a personal connection with Nature.

Individual stays

Enjoy breath-taking views, beautiful walks in perfect silence.

Simonton Programme

This program increases quality of life and can influence the course of a disease like cancer. The healing power of nature can be experienced at Bergplaas and will enhance the impact of the program.