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Tongaat Hulett


Amanzimnyama Hill Road

PO Box 3

Tel: 032 439 4000
Fax: 032 945 3333

Tongaat Hulett is an agriculture and agri-processing business, focusing on the complementary feedstocks of sugarcane and maize. Its ongoing activities in agriculture have resulted in the company having a substantial land portfolio.


Tongaat Hulett’s unique skill and competence in the conversion of agricultural land to development, is a key driver of the fundamental shift in the pace and value unlock from the company’s land conversion activities and property portfolio. Through its sugar and starch operations, Tongaat Hulett produces a range of refined carbohydrate products from sugarcane and maize, with a number of products being interchangeable.


Global sweetener markets continue to be dynamic and the business seeks to optimise its various market positions, leveraging off its current base to maximise revenue from these products. The business’s sugar operations are well placed to benefit from evolving dynamics of renewable electricity and ethanol in South Africa, and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.


Tongaat Hulett creates value for all stakeholders through an all-inclusive approach to growth and development. The company’s evolution in the priority area of social sustainability has become increasingly innovative. This includes a holistic approach to socio-economic development, corporate social responsibility and safety, health and environment.

Additional Contacts:

Key Contacts

Peter Staude: Chief Executive Officer

Michelle Jean-Louis: IR and Communication Executive

Maditshaba Mahlari: Company Secretary

Vuyo Kona: Corporate Affairs Manager