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Webber Wentzel


PO Box 61771
South Africa

Tel: 011 530 5413
Cellphone: 083 656 6584
Fax: 011 530 6413
Contact: Warren Beech ~ Partner & Co-head: Environmental & Natural Resources Practice

Overview - Environmental & Natural Resources Practice

The Webber Wentzel Environmental and Natural Resources Practice offers invaluable advice to clients on the complex nature of environmental laws and the requirements for environmental compliance.

Our extensive experience and involvement in drafting legislation and policy development means we are perfectly positioned to advise our clients on all aspects of environmental law and related legislation, including environmental law issues arising in regard to land, water, air waste, mining, energy, marine and shipping, environmental litigation, due diligence investigations and environmental auditing.

Our team offers a full service in respect of

  • co-ordinating environmental impact assessments,
  • advising on environmental management plans and programmes,
  • advising on various environmentally related licences and permits,
  • ISO 14001 implementation,
  • various aspects of the management of pollution control and waste management,
  • environmental law issues arising from the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act No. 28 of 2002 (MPRDA),
  • the National Environmental Management Act No. 107 of 1998 (NEMA) and related legislation,
  • as well as heritage resource management.

Additional Contacts:

Marius Diemont
Partner & Co-head : Environmental & Natural Resources Practice

Tel: 021 431 7390
Fax: 021 431 6390
Cell: 082 333 3992