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Green Life Store


Tel: +27(21)556 6651
Cellphone: +27(72)117 2928
Fax: 086 656 0155
Contact: Natashia Fox - Director

Green Life Store a retail store that buzzes around the clock to make sure natural, organic, eco-friendly, bio-degradable and sustainable stuff is delivered to anyone anywhere every day. Our tree hugging staff work in shifts day and night, night and day. We sell anything, but, only if it is good for us and our planet!

Some of our green products include a range of awesome classic children´s toys made from recycled milk bottles! Green Life Store a source of news straight from our planet daily.

Eco Packaging

Green Life Store - Vegware Food Packaging

Green Life Store distribute a full range of completely compostable food packaging and catering disposables. The eco-friendly food packaging range, Vegware, is made entirely from renewable or recycled plant sources and can be composted in around six weeks.

In addition we can custom print almost anything, with hot cups a speciality.

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