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Mondi Plastic Containers South Africa


P.O Box 1551

Tel: 021 577 1205
Cellphone: 082 8811 315
Fax: 021 577 3399
Contact: Lance Kallis - Environmental Sales Manager

Mondi Plastic Containers South Africa manufactures many products that are used in waste management applications throughout various industries today. The firm's domestic wheeled bins and four-wheeled trade waste containers are integral to automated waste collection, facilitating operational flexibility and efficiency.

Beyond wheeled waste containers; the company manufactures a selection of plastic injection moulded litter bins. The product selection includes medical waste bins, household bins and general waste bins.

These products are durable under rugged conditions and all share an innovative and visionary approach to design with built in practicality. The needs of our users and service providers is always a priority, from product conception through to implementation

Mondi Plastic Containers waste-related products are designed to enhance and protect the environment, visually and functionally.

Additional Contacts:

Marie Jewell
Internal Sales Administrator
Tel: 021 250 9100
Fax: 021 250 2909
Cell: 083 296 1044