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Just Trees


P.O. Box 7270
Noorder Paarl
Western Cape

Tel: 021 871 1595
Cellphone: 083 601 2235
Fax: 021 872 3136
Contact: Carl Pretorius - Managing Director

Just Trees, a wholesale specimen container grown tree nursery situated outside Paarl, has revolutionised the traditional nursery business, with its modern, scientific approach and massive scale of operations. A 42 hectare nursery with 160 000 perfectly grown and irrigated trees lined up with military precision into blocks according to size and species, is a spectacular sight, and is changing the nursery landscape in South Africa.

Just Trees customers include landscapers, municipalities, wildlife and conservation reserves, farms, carbon offset projects, property developers and the likes all around South Africa. Tree varieties number about 50 mainly indigenous trees in seven different sizes 4L, 10L, 40L, 100L, 200L, 400L and 1000L.