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Strategic Environmental Focus


PO Box 74785
Lynnwood Ridge

Tel: 012 349 1307
Fax: 012 349 1229
Contact: David Rudolph - CEO

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Environmental and Sustainable Development Consultants.

Strategic Environmental Focus is an independent sustainability consultancy that specialises in assisting the private and public sector in managing the sustainable use of our natural resources. SEF has been proactively providing these sustainable solutions for over 16 years, with offices located across the major centres of South Africa and Namibia.

The expertise gained over the past 16 years has enabled SEF to provide innovative solutions to a large number of projects on the local and international stage. SEF’s integrated service offerings in the natural, built and social environments include:


  • Environmental Processes 
  • Specialist Services 
  • Fauna & Flora 
  • Built Environment Services 
  • Architecture & Landscape Architecture 
  • EHS / Environmental Compliance 
  • Mining & Industry Services 
  • Compliance Applications 
  • GIS and Remote Sensing 
  • Training Services 
  • Integrated Waste Management Services


Additional Contacts:

Cape Regional Office:

Tel: 021 979 3822

KwaZulu Natal Regional Office:

Tel: 031 266 1277 / 88