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Green Genie


1 Cochrane Ave
Gunners Circle
Cape Town
South Africa

Tel: 072 323 3159
Fax: 086 586 1377
Contact: Stuart Lindley - Managing Director

Green Genies vision is to eliminate food waste sent to landfill sites throughout South Africa.

Through supplying both residential and commercial markets with class leading products Our vision is fast becoming a reality.

The new Waste Legislation Act places a responsibility on all of us to sort our waste where its produced. Together we can now finally make a difference.

To fulfil our vision and meet legislation requirements we have made three products available:


Green Genie Home Composter

150L domestic composter for the processing of kitchen and garden waste in the home Sufficient for the average home of 4-5 people



Joraform JK400

A rotating heat generating , insulated cooked food waste tumbler. Twin chamber 400kg capacity 6-8 weeks to fully decompose



Joraform JK5100

High volume cooked food waste composter for large restaurants/ hotels/ hospitals 2 Ton monthly capacity Unique mixing technique that removes all harmful bacteria Twin chamber Integrated shredder


Additional Contacts:

Tylon Moolman
Retail Manager

Cell: 084 809 5969