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Simply Green Magazine

Tel: 021 713 0018
Fax: 021 715 2809
Contact: Chris Erasmus - Director

Simply Green is SA's award-winning premier green lifestyle magazine, providing positive and practical steps to cleaner living for people who want to make a difference without compromising on lifestyle. It’s a high-quality title packed with information and inspiration for the modern environmentally-conscious consumer, as well as corporate massaging, business-to-business communications and a platform for emergent green enterprises. Greener is better for our health, homes, families, and our world – and both consumers and businesses want to hear about simple, eco-friendly solutions that will also save money. In a visually entertaining, yet content-rich package that is designed to be highly accessible and reliable, Simply Green features the latest environmental issues and eco-products, celebrity interviews, food, nutrition and fashion, among many other topics. Simply Green is about eco-friendly living with a modern twist, avoiding activistic confrontation while embracing positive ‘next best step’ sustainability solutions, from corporate level to ordinary consumers.