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PO Box 14911
Lynn East

Tel: 012 819 1409
Contact: Willem Cronje

B-earth manufactures durable, sustainable green coating systems. All our products have a clean life cycle from cradle to grave with a low carbon footprint .These products vary from bonding liquids, paints, sealers, varnishes, niche market products which include photo-luminescence, insulating and intumescent coatings and many more. All products are tested in international acclaimed laboratories and in the field. Locally relevant tests are conducted. Characteristics are: Breathable membranes that is water and scrub resistant, odour free , fire retarding, chemically inert, colour fast, repels moisture, fungi resistant, elastic and won’t blister, crack or fade. All products adhere to regulations set out by the Green Building Council and constant research and development improve products and systems continuously. Our commitment to the environment is furthered by carbon farming and job creation in nurseries, B-BBEE registration and community projects. Our motto “Paint with conscience” is backed by an ethical code and a culture of quality control