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Eco-Entrepreneurs Needed To Save Our Earth

( Article Type: Sustainable Development )

Whilst capitalism is certainly r e s p o n s i b l e for most if not all our current environmental problems - it is also the most effective tool we have to address the environmental crisis we face

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Biofuels are liquids, solids or gases derived from sustainable renewable sources, whose use instead of fossil-based fuel is an important route by which to achieve major gains in the reduction of carbon emissions.

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Carbon is a building block of the molecules, which make up living cells and is an essential element for life on earth. It is a basic ingredient of bones, carbohydrates, connective tissue, hormones, nerve cells and proteins.

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Carbon Dioxide

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Carbon dioxide is a gas that occurs naturally in the air and is produced when animals breathe, vegetation rots and when material containing carbon is burnt or broken down. Carbon dioxide is a key component in photosynthesis, which is the major base s

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Carbon Monoxide

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Carbon monoxide is a colourless gas produced by incomplete combustion, mainly from motor vehicles and cigarettes. It is found naturally in the atmosphere in minute quantities.

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Cleaner Production

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Cleaner Production (CP) is defined by the UN as ‘the continuous application of an integrated preventive strategy applied to processes, products and services so as to increase eco-efficiency and reduce risks to humans and the environment’.

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Cogeneration is when two or more forms of energy are utilised at the same time, from the same source. The most common form of cogeneration is the production of heat and electricity.

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Combined heat and power (Chp)

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Combined heat and power (CHP - also sometimes referred to as co-generation) describes technologies that generate electricity simultaneously with useable heat in one single, highly efficient process at or close to the point of energy use.

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Eco-taxes are taxes, duties and fees, which are levied by governments to encourage companies and individuals to be more aware of environmental protection requirements and reduce their levels of pollution.

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Ecological Footprint

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An ’ecological footprint’ is a description of the ecological impact a company or group of people have on the earth. The bigger the footprint the worse the impact.

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