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Air Quality

( Article Type: Overview )

South Africa is plagued by a number of pressing and persistent air pollution problems in addition to facing various new emerging air pollution issues. High ambient sulphur dioxide and fine particulate concentrations experienced in many urban areas ar

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The atmosphere is the thin layer around the globe upon which all living things on earth depend for their survival. As a comparison, the thickness of the atmosphere around the Earth is the same as the thickness of the skin of an apple compared to its

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Bacteria are single-cell organisms. Whilst in the direct human context bacteria are often seen as a problem, they form a key part of the functioning of natural ecosystems.

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Baobab Trees

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The baobab tree is found throughout Africa, generally at low altitudes and in the hotter, drier areas. In fact, so widespread is the tree that, to many people, it is an icon, symbolic of the continent itself.

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Biological diversity - or biodiversity - is a term used to describe the variety of life and the interactions between living organisms.

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Biodiversity & the Sixth Extinction

( Article Type: Overview )

‘For each of the Big Five [extinctions] there are theories of what caused them, some are compelling, but none proven. For the sixth extinction, however, we do know the culprit. We are.’ – Leakey & Lewin (1995)

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Biomes are the world’s major environmental communities classified according to the predominant vegetation and characterised by adaptations of organisms to that particular environment. The importance of biomes cannot be underestimated.

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Bioremediation is the application of a biological treatment (mainly microbes) to clean hazardous contaminants in soil and surface or subsurface waters. These microorganisms can transform contaminants into less harmful forms.

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South Africa has a rich diversity of birds, with 841 different species currently being recognized.

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Cape Floral Kingdom

( Article Type: Explanation )

On the southwestern tip of Africa is the smallest of the six floral ‘kingdoms’, the Cape Floral Kingdom. It is the only one in the world contained within a single national boundary, and is the richest in that it has the most species, and even the

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