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Contaminated Land

( Article Type: Explanation )

One by-product of industrial society is an increase in contaminated land resulting from releases of chemicals, illegal dumping, seepages and disposal of off-specification products in the ground.

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( Article Type: Overview )

The term ecocide refers to the large scale destruction of the natural environment, its ecosystems or the over consumption of non-renewable resources.

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Economics of the Environment

( Article Type: Explanation )

The biggest threat to the realisation of the sustainable development ideal is not in determining and understanding how Economics and Ecology as individual systems function, but how they operate as a single embedded system.

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Global Change

( Article Type: Explanation )

Africa, as a whole, is extremely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. This is not only due to the actual changes expected, but also due to the poor capacity of its people to cope with the changes and the developmental constraints.

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Global Warming & Climate Change

( Article Type: Overview )

'Global warming', or 'climate change', refers to the rise in the planet's overall temperature due to anthropogenic (human-related) increase of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

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( Article Type: Explanation )

Greenwash is not a new concept. The term emerged from the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, and it entered the Concise Oxford Dictionary in 1999.

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( Article Type: Explanation )

Groundwater is threatened by over-exploitation, when more is abstracted than is recharged – particularly by farmers as most groundwater (about 80%) is used by farmers for irrigation. Aquifers are also threatened by pollution, especially from underg

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( Article Type: Explanation )

Leachate is the liquid that is formed and drains out of a landfill site.

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Natural Resources

( Article Type: Explanation )

‘Natural resources’ is the term used to describe the basic materials and resources that are produced through the earth’s own inherent natural processes and systems.

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Water and Climate Change

( Article Type: Sustainable Development )

Water is the primary medium through which climate change will impact people, ecosystems and economies. Even though there is still much that is not understood about the way climate will respond in the future, globally the overall impacts of climat

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