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Alien Invasive Plants in South Africa

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In South Africa 198 plant species have been declared weeds and invaders. These plants are termed ‘invaders’ because they spread and displace the indigenous plants. The question then is ‘Why are invasive alien plants such a problem?’

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Biological diversity - or biodiversity - is a term used to describe the variety of life and the interactions between living organisms.

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Biodiversity & the Sixth Extinction

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‘For each of the Big Five [extinctions] there are theories of what caused them, some are compelling, but none proven. For the sixth extinction, however, we do know the culprit. We are.’ – Leakey & Lewin (1995)

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Biological Pest Control

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Biological pest control is man's use of a specifically chosen living organism to control a particular pest. The chosen organism may be a predator, parasite or disease, which will attack the harmful insect.

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Biomes are the world’s major environmental communities classified according to the predominant vegetation and characterised by adaptations of organisms to that particular environment. The importance of biomes cannot be underestimated.

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Bioremediation is the application of a biological treatment (mainly microbes) to clean hazardous contaminants in soil and surface or subsurface waters. These microorganisms can transform contaminants into less harmful forms.

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The biosphere is the envelope around the Earth, containing the life-supporting systems of the planet. So all the soil, inland water, and the sea form part of the biosphere.

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Cape Floral Kingdom

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On the southwestern tip of Africa is the smallest of the six floral ‘kingdoms’, the Cape Floral Kingdom. It is the only one in the world contained within a single national boundary, and is the richest in that it has the most species, and even the

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The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) is an international agreement that was signed in Washington, DC on 3 March 1973, and came into force in 1975 after the 10th ratification.

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The modern-day understanding of conservation relates to the wise management of natural resources to ensure the credibility and survival of diverse species within their natural habitat. It is gradually extending to cover the industrial and commercial

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