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Baobab Trees

( Article Type: Explanation )

The baobab tree is found throughout Africa, generally at low altitudes and in the hotter, drier areas. In fact, so widespread is the tree that, to many people, it is an icon, symbolic of the continent itself.

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Catalytic Converters

( Article Type: Explanation )

Certain metals have the property to act as catalysts. This is a characteristic, that enables them to promote, speed up or make more efficient, certain chemical reactions without being permanently changed themselves.

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Cleaner Production

( Article Type: Explanation )

Cleaner Production (CP) is defined by the UN as ‘the continuous application of an integrated preventive strategy applied to processes, products and services so as to increase eco-efficiency and reduce risks to humans and the environment’.

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Corporate Citizenship

( Article Type: Explanation )

Corporate citizenship is an aspiration much like other ideals, such as democracy or sustainable development. It refers to the hope that business can and will contribute to sustainable development and that, rather than being part of the problem, it be

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( Article Type: Explanation )

Eco-efficiency describes the ecological efficiency of goods and services by measuring their economic price (that includes their consumer demand and their monetary cost) and checking that against its production or manufacturing successes in reduci

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Ecological Footprint

( Article Type: Explanation )

An ’ecological footprint’ is a description of the ecological impact a company or group of people have on the earth. The bigger the footprint the worse the impact.

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( Article Type: Opinion )

Ecology is the scientific study of the interaction of organisms with one another and with their living and non-living environment (e.g. climate, temperature, light, water, nutrients).

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Environmental Accounting

( Article Type: Explanation )

Environmental accounting is a management tool that integrates the financial implications of environmental issues in the financial management systems of organisations to enhance more effective decision-making in order to promote environmental and

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Environmental Auditing

( Article Type: Explanation )

Environmental auditing is a process used mainly in commerce and industry to measure how well environmental policies, programmes and plans are being implemented in practice.

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Environmental Ethics

( Article Type: Overview )

Environmental ethics is a sub-division of professional and applied ethics that concerns itself with the responsibilities that we as humans have in our interactions with the environment.

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