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( Article Type: Explanation )

The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines activism as 'a policy of vigorous action in a cause, especially in politics.' The opposite of active is passive or inactive. But as far as environmental protection is concerned, just what does activism entail?

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African Environmental Tradition

( Article Type: Sustainable Development )

Respected friends, when most people talk about the extinction of wildlife as well as plant life on this planet of ours, they tend to make the mistake of talking about something, which happened in the remote past.

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Blue Flag Beaches

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A Blue Flag is an international eco-award, given only to those beaches that meet excellence in safety, amenities, cleanliness and environmental management.

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Carrying Capacity

( Article Type: Explanation )

Carrying capacity, in the case of organisms, is the maximum number of organisms that can be supported, fed or is able to survive in any specific habitat or ecosystem without causing the breakdown of the habitat or ecosystem.

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( Article Type: Explanation )

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) is an international agreement that was signed in Washington, DC on 3 March 1973, and came into force in 1975 after the 10th ratification.

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Companion Planting

( Article Type: Explanation )

Companion gardening is the practice of growing specific plants in relation to each other.

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( Article Type: Opinion )

Conservation used to be the term used to describe the management of game reserves and parks for the purpose of recreation and protection of fl ora and fauna.

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The modern-day understanding of conservation relates to the wise management of natural resources to ensure the credibility and survival of diverse species within their natural habitat. It is gradually extending to cover the industrial and commercial

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Conservation Planning (Systematic)

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The science of systematic conservation planning aims to identify and set aside representative examples of all biodiversity to ‘biodiversity banks’ as proactive protection against future modifications.

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Deep Ecology

( Article Type: Explanation )

The Deep Ecology worldview asks that we do some deep thinking about who we are and what our role is on the planet. The term was coined by Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess in 1972 and defines an ecocentric environmental worldview.

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