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The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines activism as 'a policy of vigorous action in a cause, especially in politics.' The opposite of active is passive or inactive. But as far as environmental protection is concerned, just what does activism entail?

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Aesthetics is a discipline which describes how attractive, beautiful or pleasing to the senses (sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste) a particular scene, building, painting, or image may be to the observer.

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The concept of Eco-Logic refers to the logic and perspective that we gain once one we fully recognise and acknowledge the fact that we humans are not separate from the rest of nature - and that we are completely dependent on the Earth's eco-system

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Ecological Landscaping

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In contrast to conventional landscape gardening practices, ecological landscaping for sustainable development and local biodiversity within commercial and industrial nodes is a far more effective way of synchronising industrial and commercial objecti

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Engineering The Future in Africa

( Article Type: Sustainable Development )

The 21st Century has been hailed by global commentators, statesman and investors as the century that belongs to the African continent's development.

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Environmental Ethics

( Article Type: Overview )

Environmental ethics is a sub-division of professional and applied ethics that concerns itself with the responsibilities that we as humans have in our interactions with the environment.

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Global Change

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Africa, as a whole, is extremely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. This is not only due to the actual changes expected, but also due to the poor capacity of its people to cope with the changes and the developmental constraints.

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Global Warming & Climate Change

( Article Type: Overview )

'Global warming', or 'climate change', refers to the rise in the planet's overall temperature due to anthropogenic (human-related) increase of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

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Green Architecture

( Article Type: Explanation )

Green architecture has intrinsic in its philosophy the notion of a caring social ideology in the design process. The site is considered more than a place to build the project, but rather its geology, geography and ecology are regarded as a resource w

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Green Building - Using natural materials

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Using natural materials for construction of dwellings and community buildings, is the oldest method of building since humans moved away from caves.

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