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Rehabilitation of Land

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Land rehabilitation has become a vital part of new mining legislation, which stipulates that mines must develop Environmental Management Plans, which must include reference to closure and rehabilitation of the site.

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The term ‘stakeholder’ describes any person or organisation that may affect, or be affected by, a company or industrial process. They are also sometimes called ‘Interested and Affected Parties’.

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Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

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A strategic environmental assessment (SEA) is an environmental assessment that is carried out on one or more strategic actions, policies, plans or programmes. Whereas an EIA studies a physical project, the SEA looks at policies, plans, ideas and prog

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Sustainable Development ~ Land Reform

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From model apartheid village to a model for sustainable development - that is the story of Franschhoek, the historic village nestled in the mountain valley where the French Huguenots were settled in the 17th century.

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Transfrontier (Peace) Parks

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The Peace Parks Foundation, a Section 21 company not for gain, was started in February 1997 to facilitate the establishment of transfrontier conservation areas, which are also commonly referred to as peace parks.

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Urban Greening

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Urban greening describes the varied initiatives that are being undertaken within the urban areas to ‘green’ and soften the urban landscape and make it more ‘people friendly’.

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The term ‘Urbanisation’ describes the growing trend of populations to gravitate toward living in city or urban environments. The towns and cities of the world are growing at ever increasing rates.

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