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Every year in South Africa wild fires destroy thousands of hectares of agricultural land, commercial plantations and buildings, affecting the lives and livelihoods of many. While most fires are started through human negligence, some are part of the n

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Fossil Fuels

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Fossil fuels are non-renewable (limited) natural resources, which means that one day they will run out and alternative energy sources will have to be found for them. They include crude oil, coal, gas or heavy oils, which are made up of partially or c

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Freshwater Ecology

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Freshwater ecology is the discipline for measuring, managing and monitoring the health of freshwater systems. It looks at water quality from a chemical perspective and then examines the organisms that are living in the water and their relationship to

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Global Warming & Climate Change

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'Global warming', or 'climate change', refers to the rise in the planet's overall temperature due to anthropogenic (human-related) increase of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

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Greenwash is not a new concept. The term emerged from the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, and it entered the Concise Oxford Dictionary in 1999.

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Groundwater is threatened by over-exploitation, when more is abstracted than is recharged – particularly by farmers as most groundwater (about 80%) is used by farmers for irrigation. Aquifers are also threatened by pollution, especially from underg

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HIV/AIDS & Water

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While HIV and Aids pose enormous problems for all sectors of society, the pandemic has some important implications for the water sector in particular.

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Hydroelectric energy

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The first images that come to mind when thinking about hydropower are the large dams like Kariba and Cabora Bassa or perhaps the Gariep dam.

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Incineration of Waste

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The incineration (high-temperature burning, using sophisticated high-tech equipment) of wastes, particularly non-recyclable municipal waste and a variety of industrial and hazardous waste, is practised in many countries, largely in Western Europe.

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Integrated Environmental Management (IEM)

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Integrated environmental management is a philosophy that is concerned with finding the right balance (sometimes called the 'golden mean') between development and the environment.

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