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Integrated Pest Control(IPC)

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Integrated pest control is the modern approach to managing all kinds of pests, be they insects, plants, birds or animals. The theory is to use methods that control the pests, whilst minimising the possible damage to the environment.

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Land Degradation

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The experts disagree on how to define land degradation and associated processes such as desertification, but as an issue it is not difficult to understand. Land degradation occurs when the economic and biological productivity of land is lost, primari

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Leachate is the liquid that is formed and drains out of a landfill site.

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Legionella bacteria are found naturally in the environment (water and soil) and are responsible for causing the respiratory condition called Legionnaire’s disease.

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Marine Alien Species

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Ballast water accounts for 41% of the marine introductions in South African waters and the impact of algal blooms have been especially strongly felt, with crayfish walkouts, mass fish mortalities and abalone shellfish fatalities being among the most

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Methane is an odourless and colourless hydrocarbon gas produced either by natural or artificial anaerobic decomposition of organic material.

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Mires & Peatlands

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Mires are wetlands where a special type of soil called peat grows. They play a vital role in storing and purifying water and supporting biodiversity. Mires or peatlands, comprise a wide variety of ecosystems, including the coastal swamp forests of Ma

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Montreal Protocol

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The Montreal Protocol was the original international instrument drawn up to ensure that measures were taken to protect the ozone layer.

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National environmental management: specific environmental management Acts

( Article Type: Overview )

Known by the abbreviation of SEMA's, Specific Environmental Management Acts, all fall under the auspices of the overarching National Environmental Management Act (NEMA). To date five SEMA's have been promulgated, with the most recent one being W

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Natural Disasters

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The United Nations (UN) humanitarian news and information service IRIN reports that natural disasters are occurring more often with a dramatic impact on the world in terms of both human and economic costs.

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