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Environmental Law and Liability

( Article Type: Overview )

South African law regards the environment as a public trust to be conserved and protected for the benefit of all. Consequently if the environment is harmed, the law makes provision for holding a range of people responsible through imposing crimin

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Environmental Standards

( Article Type: Explanation )

Conforming to environmental legislation and meeting the demands of the green lobby present major challenges to organisations today. Environmental issues have come to the forefront in recent years with greater awareness

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Equator Principles

( Article Type: Explanation )

In June 2003, 10 leading banks (representing approximately three quarters of the global project finance market) adopted the Equator Principles. These principles were developed by several leading banks and are based on the environmental and social pol

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Global Compact

( Article Type: Explanation )

The United Nations – Global Compact is a voluntary corporate citizenship initiative with two objectives: mainstreaming the nine principles in business activities around the world and to catalyse actions in support of UN goals.

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Global Reporting Initiative

( Article Type: Explanation )

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a multi-stakeholder non-profit organisation that develops and publishes guidelines for reporting on economic, environmental and social performance (sustainability performance).

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( Article Type: Explanation )

Environmental governance is rapidly becoming a fundamental component in the management of corporations globally.

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Green Scorpions - Environmental Management Inspectorate

( Article Type: Explanation )

Environmental Management Inspectors (EMIs) commonly called Green Scorpions are a network of environmental enforcement officials from different government departments. They are appointed in terms of the National Environmental Management Act 107 of 199

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Green Soldiering

( Article Type: Explanation )

On face value, the phrase ‘green soldiering’ seems to be a contradiction in terms. How can an organisation or activity that is inherently destructive in nature claim to be environmentally sensitive or sustainable?

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( Article Type: Explanation )

Greenwash is not a new concept. The term emerged from the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, and it entered the Concise Oxford Dictionary in 1999.

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ICLEI ~ Local Governments for Sustainability

( Article Type: Explanation )

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability – is an international membership association of over 470 local governments, cities, towns, counties and their associations that are committed to sustainable development.

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