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Interested & Affected Parties (AIP's)

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This is a term used to describe those people who have a concern about a development, project, policy or action and who need to be consulted during the process of decision making.

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Local Agenda 21

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The Agenda 21 document says that local government (the local authorities and municipalities) should draw up 'Local Agenda 21' to reshape the policies, laws and regulations of their districts to fit in with sustainable ideals.

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Polluter Pays Principle

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This is a basic economic principle (currently being adopted in legislation by many countries) that requires the producers or generators of pollution to pay for the costs of avoiding pollution or of cleaning up or remedying its effects.

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Precautionary Principle

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This principle argues that if the environmental consequences of a particular project, proposal or course of action are uncertain, then the project, proposal or course of action should not be undertaken.

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Responsible Care

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'Responsible Care' is an international chemical industry programme, operating in 42 countries worldwide, which promotes continuous improvement in health, safety and environmental performance.

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Safety, Health & Environment (SHE)

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Effective and appropriate safety, health and environmental management is a critical component of sustainable business practice.

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The term ‘stakeholder’ describes any person or organisation that may affect, or be affected by, a company or industrial process. They are also sometimes called ‘Interested and Affected Parties’.

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Sustainable Development ~ A Spiritual Imperative

( Article Type: Sustainable Development )

All religions recognise and acknowledge the need to care for the natural environment. It is all the more surprising that they have, until recently, been significantly quiet in the face of growing environmental deterioration. There is, however, a new

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This theory suggests that true sustainable development in business must consider not just the financial 'bottom line' of prosperity and profit, but also other 'bottom lines' such as environmental quality and social equity.

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