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Marine Alien Species

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Ballast water accounts for 41% of the marine introductions in South African waters and the impact of algal blooms have been especially strongly felt, with crayfish walkouts, mass fish mortalities and abalone shellfish fatalities being among the most

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Methane is an odourless and colourless hydrocarbon gas produced either by natural or artificial anaerobic decomposition of organic material.

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Natural Disasters

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The United Nations (UN) humanitarian news and information service IRIN reports that natural disasters are occurring more often with a dramatic impact on the world in terms of both human and economic costs.

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Nuclear Energy ~ The 'Anti' Position

( Article Type: Opinion )

Eskom plans to build, use and sell over 200 reactors to create a potential export business. This will mean more waste buried at Vaalputs and hundreds of trucks carrying radioactive materials on our roads. What follows are 10 reasons why nuclear pow

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Pioneer Species

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Pioneer species are the first species to colonise a new area (for example, a new island that has emerged from the sea or an area that has been disturbed by large-scale activity such as a volcanic eruption or man's clearance of a piece of land for d

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Polluter Pays Principle

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This is a basic economic principle (currently being adopted in legislation by many countries) that requires the producers or generators of pollution to pay for the costs of avoiding pollution or of cleaning up or remedying its effects.

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Pollution comes in many forms and types. In its broadest sense, pollution can be described as the result of the release to air, water or soil from any process or of any substance, which is capable of causing harm to man or other living organisms supp

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Radioactive Waste

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Radioactive waste covers a spectrum from very low-level waste to very high-level waste and there are different challenges to be faced at the two ends of this spectrum.

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Rehabilitation of Land

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Land rehabilitation has become a vital part of new mining legislation, which stipulates that mines must develop Environmental Management Plans, which must include reference to closure and rehabilitation of the site.

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A 'scrubber' is the common term used to describe a piece of equipment that is designed to remove or 'scrub' toxic gases and other materials from the gases emerging from a chimney.

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