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The concept of Eco-Logic refers to the logic and perspective that we gain once one we fully recognise and acknowledge the fact that we humans are not separate from the rest of nature - and that we are completely dependent on the Earth's eco-system

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Ecosystems and Eco-system Service

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The term ecosystem refers to the combined physical and biological components of an environment and the interactions between these components.

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Endangered & Threatened Species

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Red Data Books and Lists are IUCN (World Conservation Union), Species Survival Commission (SSC) products and were initiated in 1963 by Sir Peter Scott as a means of preventing extinction through an easily understood method of identifying, documen

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A natural part of the evolutionary process is extinction, where species disappear owing to changes in their living conditions, which they are unable to survive. In recent times, however, the rate of extinction has increased dramatically as a result o

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Fossil Fuels

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Fossil fuels are non-renewable (limited) natural resources, which means that one day they will run out and alternative energy sources will have to be found for them. They include crude oil, coal, gas or heavy oils, which are made up of partially or c

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Global Change

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Africa, as a whole, is extremely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. This is not only due to the actual changes expected, but also due to the poor capacity of its people to cope with the changes and the developmental constraints.

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Global Warming & Climate Change

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'Global warming', or 'climate change', refers to the rise in the planet's overall temperature due to anthropogenic (human-related) increase of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

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The grasslands biome is the second largest of the country's nine biomes, covering an area of 339 237.68 km2 in seven provinces.

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Greenwash is not a new concept. The term emerged from the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, and it entered the Concise Oxford Dictionary in 1999.

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Integrated Pest Control(IPC)

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Integrated pest control is the modern approach to managing all kinds of pests, be they insects, plants, birds or animals. The theory is to use methods that control the pests, whilst minimising the possible damage to the environment.

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