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National Parks

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Commercialisation for Conservation Strategy: How do we ensure financial sustainability using commercialisation as a funding model for protected areas without compromising on the conservation mandate?

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Natural Resources

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‘Natural resources’ is the term used to describe the basic materials and resources that are produced through the earth’s own inherent natural processes and systems.

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Renewable Resources

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These are environmental resources that are continuously renewing themselves. For example, energy that is harnessed from the sun, wind and waves is renewable.

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Transfrontier (Peace) Parks

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The Peace Parks Foundation, a Section 21 company not for gain, was started in February 1997 to facilitate the establishment of transfrontier conservation areas, which are also commonly referred to as peace parks.

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Tropical Rain Forest

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Tropical rain forests appear like a girdle around the equator and occupy approximately 8% of the earth's land surface, yet they comprise about half of all growing wood on the face of the earth and provide habitats for at least two fifths of all the

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Wetlands (vleis, bogs, swamps, sponges or marshes) are vital ecosystems, which have been described as some of the most productive in the world.

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Wilderness Area

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Under the IUCN’s Framework for Protected Areas the highest form of protection an area can achieve is a Wilderness Area.

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Wildlife has value. Intrinsic value, from a point of view that believes all living creatures have a right to life regardless of their value to humankind, but also instrumental value to people.

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Wildlife Management

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The future of private and public wildlife management (or any combination of the two) and their contribution towards an African Conservation Strategy will rest on mixing ecology, economy and social responsibility in order to achieve an equitable tripl

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