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Cleaner Production

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Cleaner Production (CP) is defined by the UN as ‘the continuous application of an integrated preventive strategy applied to processes, products and services so as to increase eco-efficiency and reduce risks to humans and the environment’.

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Climate Change

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Climate change is now one of the most far reaching sustainable development issues of our times, with implications for the global environment, and for global socio-economic development for decades to come.

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The world’s forests, both temperate and tropical, are under enormous pressures from disease (often as a result of air pollution, notably from acid rain), felling for timber needs, clearing for agriculture, or loss under reservoirs through the dammi

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Dilution in the context of environmental management describes a strategy to deal with pollution. Certain liquid effluents are, for example, disposed of down sewers by being heavily diluted with clean or relatively clean water.

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Dioxins such as CDDs, CDFs, and PCBs were created intentionally for industrial purposes, but others are created unintentionally from processes such as the incineration of waste, the burning of fossil fuels, and the chlorine bleaching of pulp and pape

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This describes any major catastrophe that results in a major decline or drop in biodiversity or environmental quality. An ecocatastrophe can be both natural and man-made.

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Eco-taxes are taxes, duties and fees, which are levied by governments to encourage companies and individuals to be more aware of environmental protection requirements and reduce their levels of pollution.

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The term ecocide refers to the large scale destruction of the natural environment, its ecosystems or the over consumption of non-renewable resources.

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Ecological Footprint

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An ’ecological footprint’ is a description of the ecological impact a company or group of people have on the earth. The bigger the footprint the worse the impact.

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Economics of the Environment

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The biggest threat to the realisation of the sustainable development ideal is not in determining and understanding how Economics and Ecology as individual systems function, but how they operate as a single embedded system.

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