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PhD bursary funding for Aquaculture/Aquaculture Nutrition - 16 February 2016

 Project title: Feed development for aquaponic systems

·        Location: Stellenbosch University

·        Funding duration: 3 years (full bursary of R100k/year)

·        Requirements to apply: Applicant must be a South African citizen and hold an MSc. in Aquaculture, Animal Nutrition or equivalent. Candidates not holding an MSc. will not be eligible.


Aquaponics is an exciting and emerging agricultural production system that can contribute substantially to sustainable food production. However, for such an integrated production system to be economically viable, it is necessary to optimise resource utilisation. As most of the nutrient input into aquaponic systems occurs in the form of aquaculture feeds, it is of critical importance to develop feeds that result in high fish production rates, but which do not impair plant production. The research will be carried out at Stellenbosch University, and will make a novel contribution toward the development of aquaculture feeds that are tailored for use in aquaponic systems.

To apply for this position, forward your CV, academic transcript and the contact details of at least two references to

Incomplete applications cannot be accepted.

Any candidate needs to be on campus and ready to commence studies by the end of April 2016.