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6 September 2016

6 September 2016

6 September 2016

VACANCIES: Field Managers for Baboon Management in Cape Town
6 September 2016

SCHOLARSHIP: Chilean Nelson Mandela Scholarship (MASTERS)
2 September 2016

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VACANCIES: Field Managers for Baboon Management in Cape Town - 6 September 2016

Field Managers
Applications are requested for fixed term contracts, for Field Managers to manage baboons in Cape Town. The primary objective of the work will be to prevent baboons from moving beyond the boundaries of the Table Mountain National Park and into the surrounding urban areas of Cape Town.
Applicants must have at least a 3 year diploma or degree in nature conservation or natural sciences, or at least 5 years’ experience of working in the field as a guide or a ranger.
Duties (include but are not limited to):
 To manage a team of rangers in daily baboon monitoring activities and to ensure that baboons do not enter the urban environment
 To collect data of baboon troops and troop activities. These activities must include: location of sleeping sites, time of troop movement to and from sleeping sites, areas visited by troop, troop numbers, births and deaths, incidents of raids (which must include time of raids, place of raids, type of raids), injured baboons including severity/nature of injury
 A Field Manager must be able to strategically plan the control of baboon troops and must show strong in-field problem solving capabilities.
 Possibly think of new techniques which could be added to current baboon management strategies.
 To be responsible for the care and maintenance of all company equipment such as vehicles, paintball markers, radios etc.
 Catching baboons to fit them with GPS and/or VHF collars, experience in radio tracking is important.
 Must have a valid Driver’s licence and PDP
Applicants will also need to be able to deal with the public, be good at field work, and able to assist in data collection for research. Salary is negotiable and will depend on qualifications and experience. Applicants should be able to start as soon as possible.
Please send CV’s with contactable references, and a motivational letter to Ziggy Rode,
If you have not received any feedback on your application within three weeks, you can consider your application unsuccessful.