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VACANCY: 50|50 Presenter - 25 October 2016

50|50 are looking for new presenters.


The ideal candidate would be someone:

  1. Fluent in Afrikaans (preferably 1st language) and who speaks well (the two don’t necessarily go hand in hand)
  2. Who has wildlife / conservation experience / knowledge – doesn’t have to be a PhD but just a good grasp of the industry or a journalistic, inquiring mind – they need to be able to ask probing questions that are well founded.
  3. Same or different person who speaks good vernacular language (in addition to Afrikaans preferably) - a person of colour is preferred in this instance
  4. Someone who can carry off a relaxed stance in front of the camera (its not as easy as some would believe) and who would look at home in a bush environ 
  5. Preferably younger candidates (25-35) with a face for TV :-)

This is quite urgent so potential candidates should contact me asap if possible.


 I will need a short bio / CV and a headshot.


For an up and coming conservationist, exposure on 50|50 could just boost a career path nicely.


Applications can be sent to Megan Emmett: