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Montreal Protocol

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The Montreal Protocol was the original international instrument drawn up to ensure that measures were taken to protect the ozone layer. South Africa ratified the London amendments to the Protocol in May 1992 designed to restrict the use of CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) and halons. For a more detailed history, go to the following website: CFC producing industries in South Africa phased out their production of CFCs two years before their specified deadlines. Until recently, South Africa was regarded as a developed country. At the ninth meeting of the members of the protocol in September 1997, South Africa was granted its request to be downgraded to developing country status to avoid early phase-out dates imposed on the developing countries and also to avoid the annual R3-million payments to the Protocol’s Multilateral Fund for poorer countries who needed assistance with compliance. Subsequent meetings of signatories to the Protocol have made further concessions to withdraw or reduce their consumption of the ozone damaging products.