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Entomology is the study of insects. Insects make up by far the largest number of organisms on Earth and they are likely to outlive human beings because of their excellent adaptability. However, human activity can have significant effects on their lifestyles and ability to survive.

Butterflies, which are also significant pollinators, are being seriously affected by the modifications of habitats and landscapes that affect breeding cycles.

One of the most significant examples in recent years was that of the Brenton Blue butterfly. The butterfly’s breeding area is a minute section of wood, which was threatened by a developer and it took the intervention of the Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism to sort out the problem.

It has been stated that insects would probably survive a nuclear holocaust and it could be similarly stated that insects have a greater resistance to chemicals than most other organisms as well as the ability to develop immunity to their effects.

The battle to control insects has also touched on chemicals with the use of the previously banned DDT (dichlorodiphenytrichlo-roethane) arising once again in the control of mosquitoes in northern KwaZulu-Natal.

It is clear that the substitute methods have not been able to control the insects and the authorities once again have had to resort to DDT.


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