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Envirocon Instrumentation


PO Box 2686
South AFrica

Tel: 011 476 7323
Fax: 011 476 5995
Contact: Mr Howard Palmer

Envirocon Instrumentation are involved in Sales, marketing, distribution and service of environmental and occupational hygiene monitoring instruments, representing the world’s leading manufacturers of occupational hygiene equipment. Envirocon have been in the business for 22 years supplying equipment to South African as well as Southern African Companies.

Envirocon are currently Appointed Agents for: Quest Technologies, Sensidyne/Gilian, RAE Systems, TSI, MORPHIX Technologies, Aquaria, METONE Instruments, ETS Lindgren, SIGNAL Instruments and HORIBA .

We supply instrumentation for: Noise, Dust, Gas, Heat Stress, Vibration, Air Flow, Indoor Air Quality, Volatile Organic Compounds, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Light Measurement, Weather Monitoring, Particulate Monitoring, EMF/RFI, Ambient Air Pollution Monitors, In Stack Monitoring.