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Airshed Planning Professionals

Airshed Planning Professionals offer regulatory...

Tel: 011 805 1940 Email:


Atmosphere & Air Quality Consultancy Services Education Environmental Management & Planning Monitoring, Instrumentation & Analysis Noise & Vibration Control

Envirocon Instrumentation

Envirocon Instrumentation are involved in Sales, marketing, distribution and service of environmental and occupational hygiene monitoring instruments, representing the...

Tel: 011 476 7323 Email:


Atmosphere & Air Quality Energy Noise & Vibration Control Standards, Certification & Accreditation

Green Expo Africa

The Green Expo is a consumer exhibition showcasing products and companies that promote living or working in a more sustainable fashion. Held annually in Cape Town and...

Tel: 021 689 3262 Email:


Agriculture Animal Welfare Architecture Atmosphere & Air Quality Biotechnology Botanical Cleaner Production ~ Technologies & Products Commerce, Trade & Industry Community Development & Management Conservation Consultancy Services Corporate, Social & Environmental Responsibility Ecotourism Education Energy Engineering & Construction Industry Environmental Law & Risk Management Environmental Management & Planning Environmental Media Environmentally Friendly Products & Services Governance Health & Wellness Landscaping & Urban Greening Marine Monitoring, Instrumentation & Analysis Noise & Vibration Control Non-Profit Organisation Professional Associations & Institutions Recycling & Recovery Remediation & Cleanup Research & Development Specialist Services Standards, Certification & Accreditation Sustainable Development Waste Management Water Wildlife