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Airshed Planning Professionals


PO Box 5260
Halfway House
South Africa

Tel: 011 805 1940
Fax: 011 805 7010 / Fax2Mail: 086 216 8080
Contact: Dr Lucian Burger ~ Managing Director

Airshed Planning Professionals offer regulatory agencies, industry, commerce, land-use planning and affected communities comprehensive services in air quality management and air pollution control, including:

  • Emissions inventory – Process review, source monitoring programme, abatement, best practice technologies.
  • Atmospheric dispersion modelling – Air and noise pollution modelling, three-dimensional wind fields, baseline characterization, buffer zone, zone of influence projection.
  • Meteorological data – Design standards, statistical analyses, extreme value projections.
  • Air quality monitoring –network design, data analysis, climate assessment.
  • Air quality impact assessment – EIA, SEA, EMPR, health risk assessments, regulatory analysis, compliance assessments.
  • Air quality management (AQM) and legal assistance – AQM plans and implementation support, AQM systems, compliance audits, skills transfer, expert witness, emissions license applications.

Airshed’s industrial sectors include power generation (coal, liquid, gas, nuclear), mining, metal recovery, mineral processing, chemical, petrochemical, waste processing and transport. Projects have mainly been completed in Africa, South America, Europe and the Middle East.


Additional Contacts:

Hanlie Liebenberg-Enslin (Ms) ~ Director