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Environmental Health

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Environmental health describes those factors of human health that are determined or affected by environmental influences. Typical environmental health concerns would be the health-related aspects of water and air pollution, for example drinking water quality, sanitation, waste disposal, food quality and the presence of harmful chemicals.

Environmental health issues vary in developed and developing countries. For example, in the more developed or industrialised countries, major concerns might relate to lead in drinking water or pesticide residues in food. However, in underdeveloped countries, concerns would relate to more basic aspects such as conditions causing the spread of tuberculosis or dysentery, malnutrition, or the lack of a safe drinking-water supply.

Major determining factors in the maintenance of good health in developed and developing countries are the availability of potable drinking water, safe sanitation systems, clean air and good soil for crops. This is closely followed by the development of sound and accessible primary health care support within easy travelling distance of settlements.

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