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Alien Invasive Plants in South Africa

( Article Type: Explanation )

In South Africa 198 plant species have been declared weeds and invaders. These plants are termed ‘invaders’ because they spread and displace the indigenous plants. The question then is ‘Why are invasive alien plants such a problem?’

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Alternative Fuels

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The cement industry worldwide is a major consumer of thermal energy for the kilns used in the manufacture of cement. With the increasing demand on fossil fuels, the dwindling natural reserves, and the subsequent rising energy prices, the cement indus

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An Insurance Company Response To A Changing World

( Article Type: Sustainable Development )

The macro business environment is beset by change. The extent to which companies survive and thrive is often linked directly to the extent to which both strategy and operations adapt to changes in both the macro environment

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Animal Welfare

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A key element to the definition of ‘animal welfare’ is that no objection is raised to the use of animals per se provided that humane standards and treatment applied throughout the animals’ lives and that the method of killing is humane in accor

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( Article Type: Opinion )

Aquaculture is defined as the propagation, improvement, trade or rearing of aquatic organisms (plant and animal) in controlled or selected aquatic environments (fresh, sea or brackish waters) for any commercial, subsistence, recreational or other

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Asbestos is the fibrous form of several silicate minerals. Its physical characteristics of being a good insulator, fire resistant and chemically inert have made it invaluable to many areas of commerce and industry. However, asbestos proves a serious

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The atmosphere is the thin layer around the globe upon which all living things on earth depend for their survival. As a comparison, the thickness of the atmosphere around the Earth is the same as the thickness of the skin of an apple compared to its

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Atmospheric Pollution

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Pollutants released into the atmosphere cause many disturbances to the natural balance of atmospheric systems. The atmosphere is the earth’s life support system and needs to be treated carefully.

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Avian Rehabilitation

( Article Type: Explanation )

Avian rehabilitation describes the work that is undertaken – mostly by NGOs – to take injured, polluted or distressed birds, nurse them back to health and release them back into the wild.

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The African Sausage Tree

( Article Type: Explanation )

In keeping with its common name, the Sausage Tree fruits look like giant grey-green sausages. Measuring about 30 to 60cm long the fruits hang on stalks from the tree. Long, open sprays of large, wrinkled, maroon or dark red trumpet-shaped flowers tha

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